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Site of the former Mountainview Inn & on, Part Of Former Mountainview Pitch & Putt Course, Enniskerry Road, Stepaside, Co Dublin

revisions to previously permitted application Reg. Ref. D05A/0981(PL0D.214669).

Permission sought for revisions to previously permitted application Reg. Ref. D05A/0981(PL06D.214669). The proposed revisions include the omission of the permitted public house at first floor level and the permitted restaurant at second floor level and their replacement with 4no. apartments units at first floor level and 4no. apartment units at second floor level (all with associated balconies) : the omission of retail unit no.8 as permitted and its' replacement through the expansion of the permitted public house at ground floor level by c.105sqm; the change of use of permitted retail unit no.7 (shop) to an off-licence facility of c.105sqm; minor reconfiguration of the permitted basement layout; and the minor reconfiguration of the internal layout of the permitted 'intermediate' level. The proposed development will now provide a total of 8no. additional residential units resulting in an overall increase from 26no. dwelling units as previously permitted to a total of 34no, dwelling units; 6no. retail units as compared with 8no. previously permitted; an off-licence facility (Unit 7); and a public house of c.365sqm compared with c.655sqm previously permitted. The proposed development also includes minor revisions to the permitted northern, southern and eastern elevations as a result of the changes to the internal layout and permitted uses. Vehicular access to the development is as permitted under Reg. Ref. D05A/0981 (PL06D.214669). All proposed development is to occur on a site of approximately 0.3 hectares at main location.

Decision made

Decision made

The Observation period for this application expired on  01-Jan-1975

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Richmond Properties Ireland Ltd 


P Young 

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Stephen Little & Associates 


87, Harcourt Street, Dublin 2. 

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