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Lands off, Brighton Road, Foxrock, Dublin 18

Permission for the development of 104 No. dwellings and a creche (c. 199 sq.m in

Brighton Road, Foxrockmaximum height to ridge level ranging from c. 7.9 metres to c. 10.4 metres. The apartments range from c. 86 sq.m to c. 144 sq.m. located in two 3-storey point blocks with a maximum ridge height of c. 10.3 metres, located at the northeast and southwest corner of the site, with the crèche incorporated at ground floor level at the latter location. The dwellings are served by a total of 208 No. residential car parking spaces (188 No. surface spaces, predominantly on-curtilage, and 20 No. garage spaces), 2 No. crèche staff car parking spaces and 15 No. visitor car parking spaces, as well at 15 No. bicycle parking spaces provided for the proposed apartments and located in 2 No. bicycle stores at surface level adjacent to the apartment buildings. The development would contain c.2.04 Hectares of public open space comprising extensive woodland areas of retained trees to be supplemented with additional planting and a central open parkland area c.3,509 sq.m incorporating a children's playground and kick-about space. Vehicular access and egress to and from the site is via an existing access from Brighton Road located immediately to the north of an existing dwelling, Red Cottage, with an existing pedestrian only access from Brighton Road between the existing dwellings of Carrickbyrn and Red Cottage to be also upgraded to facilitate alternative cycle and pedestrian access directly into the main central open space area. Permission is also sought for the demolition of all existing outbuildings on site (c. 210 sq.m. in total Gross Floor Area), provision of 2 No. ESB substations (c. 19 sq.m. each), bin stores, bicycle stores and all associated site works, hard and soft landscaping works including substantial additional tree planting, boundary treatments, a wetland attenuation area to the north west of the site and a foul sewer connection down Brighton Road to connect to an existing foul sewer c. 146 metres north of the site, all to take place on a site of c. 5.2 Hectares on a lands bounded generally by existing houses on Brighton Road to the east, by Leopardstown Racecourse lands to the west, by existing dwellings to the south and by Leopardstown Racecourse lands and existing dwellings to the north at Foxrock, Dublin 18. The eastern fringe of the site comprising of its Brighton Road frontage forms part of the Foxrock Architectural Conservation Area, in which the smaller of the two apartment blocks is situated.

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Appeal decided

The Observation period for this application expired on  11-Jul-2013

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Castlethorn Construction 


Siobhan McManus 

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Stephen Little and Associates 

Eleanor MacPartlin 

6, Upper Mount Street, Dublin 2. 

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