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0.19 ha site at 36 & 36A Church Road, Killiney & 7 Mountain Villa, Ballybrack, Glenageary, Co Dublin

Permission for development on site bounded by Church Road to the north-east

Permission for development on site bounded by Church Road to the north-east, a laneway of no known name linking Church Road & Mountain Villa to the south-east, no. 6 Mountain Villa to the south-west & residential property Keem to the north-west, consisting of the demolition of 36 Church Road (a single storey dwelling), 36A Church Road (a single storey dwelling accessed directly from the laneway) and 7 Mountain Villa, along with all other existing structures on the site. The construction of a 2, 3 and 4 storey apartment building of 20 apartments (total gross floor area 1,897 sqm) consisting of 3 one-bedroom apartments, 6 two-bedroom and 2 three-bedroom apartments, 7 two-bedroom duplex units and 2 three bedroom duplex units all with private terraces/balconies. Parking for 22 cars, bicycle parking, bin storage and sundry plant will be provided at lower ground floor in an under croft with vehicular access from the existing laneway which is to be widened from Church Road to the access to the under croft car park providing a 6m carriageway and 1.2m wide footpath for a distance of approximately 34m along the laneway. The laneway will be extended to the boundary with Mountain Villa with the current pedestrian linkage maintained. 2 car spaces will be provided at the end of the laneway. Development to include boundary works, site landscaping and all associated works.

Appeal decided - SEE APPEAL DETAILS

Appeal decided

The Observation period for this application expired on  14-May-2018

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Midgard Construction Limited 


Emma Nevin 

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PAMES Developments Limited 

Damien Reville/Michael Tweed 

1st Floor, 60 Amiens Street, Dublin 1 

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